Manufacturing, Development and co-packaging

Protein Bar Manufacturing - UK Food Manufacturers

With the global protein bar industry set to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.23% between now and 2024, there’s a big demand for new and upcoming snack and protein bar products in the UK and across the globe. Not only that, but products are also becoming more than just sports bars for athletes, they can help with things such as weight management and increasing energy.

As one of the leading protein bar manufacturing companies in the UK, we specialise in the production of only the best protein bars. Our journey began by creating our own snack bars and since then we have developed a passion towards helping other businesses grow within the snack and protein bar industry. We can produce and help you create your own bespoke products, whether you want them to be vegan friendly, have bio-degradable packaging, or be low fat, we can do it all for you.


Scientist on Tablet

Here at MyBars our team of food scientists and ingredient specialists will work with you to create the best possible recipe to suit you .


Machine in Factory

Our team will work round the clock to produce your bars to the best of our ability. Our SQF-certified factory will run productions from 500 bars to 500k.

Packaging and Design 

Our graphic designers will work with you to produce FDA approved innovative packaging for your bar. We will produce logo and package design at request. 



Finally we will deliver your bars at a time negotiated with you. we will take great care when delivering your bars.